11 Simple Ways to Protect and Conserve Groundwater

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This year, the theme of World Water Day revolves around Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible. If you are aware of it and want to do your bit by learning how to protect and conserve groundwater, you are on the correct web page. Here, we have mentioned the 11 simple ways to protect and conserve groundwater. 

  • Pick Native Plants

The first thing you need to do to protect and conserve groundwater is to always add native plants to your garden or landscape as they don’t require much water or fertilizer. Pick grass varieties that are adapted to your region’s climate so that you don’t need to depend on chemical applications or extensive watering. 

  • Skip the Chemicals

It is also smart to reduce the use of chemicals in your home or yard. If you do use them, ensure that you dispose of them properly. Never dump them on the ground as it will negatively impact the groundwater. 

  • Learn Better Waste Management

Know of and learn the best practices regarding waste management to ensure that you dispose of wastes like motor oil, chemicals, paints, or pharmaceuticals smartly. If you think that your community might have household hazardous waste collections or sites, get in touch with your local health department.

  • Small Steps Can Save Water

Always remember that small steps like shutting off the tap when you brush your teeth, shave, etc., to save water. 

  • Avoid Leaks

You should also check all the faucets, fixtures, taps, and toilets in your home or around it for any leaks. If you find any, get them fixed to avoid wastage of water. 

  • Take Care While Washing

Keep your showers to a few minutes every day. Also, wash clothes or utensils when the loads are full. 

  • Use Technology

Use advanced technological solutions to save water, like you can get water-conserving models installed on your property. 

  • Water Wisely

Water the plants only during the coolest parts of the day or when plants are truly dry. Follow all the watering restrictions implemented in your area. 

  • Reusing is Good

Train your mind to think about recycling water and other elements like glass, aluminum, paper, plastic, etc. is good. 

  • Buy Natural Products

Whenever possible, invest in natural and non-toxic household cleaners. Buy materials like vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice that help with every cleaning task and are inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

  • Be More Aware

Constantly increase your awareness of water conservation and things that make you an environment-friendly person. Also, increase awareness by sharing your knowledge with others. 

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