Seawater Desalination- The What, When, How and Why of It

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Due to the constant rise in the global population and the expansion of industrial and agricultural activities, water shortage is rising rapidly. Seawater desalination is one of the most reliable solutions for us as freshwater sources are depleting fast and might become extinct in a few years. 

If you have not heard of this process, here you can understand what, when, how and why of it.


The seawater desalination process includes removing salts and dissolves contaminants from water. The process can be applied to all types of water sources like seawater, municipal and industrial wastewaters, brackish water, and groundwater


The origins of the desalination of seawater can be traced to the fourth century BC when Aristotle discovered that when saltwater changes into a vapor, it will separate freshwater and salt. So, the process was discovered more than 2000 years back. 


The process has three vital stages, pre-treatment in which big impurities are filtered, reverse osmosis in which most impurities are removed and post-treatment in which the water is passed through filters to make it odorless, colorless, tasteless and achieve the right pH levels. 


Desalination solutions are essential due to the following reasons:

  • It is one of the most technologically advanced water purification technologies
  • The price of using this technology is not as high as it once was
  • It helps avoid the cost of transporting or transferring water as water from any source can be purified 
  • It can help in preserving the few groundwater sources we are left with
  • The operations and maintenance of desalination plants is easy and straightforward
  • It is an investment that gives long-term results
  • This technology has a bright future and will advance further

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