Seawater Desalination- A complete Guide

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Scarcity of water has become a common term these days. Every part of the world and the US itself is impacted due to it. As the freshwater sources are depleting, the cost of transporting freshwater is rising at a rapid pace. So, the demand technologies like seawater desalination are rising. There is a lot of scope of improvement as desalination provides about 1 percent of the drinking water in the world. Most of the demand for such systems comes from the Gulf, Israel, China, and the US. This technology has become popular since 2000 and will be more popular as the demand for alternative sources of potable water will continue to rise in the future.

What is Seawater Desalination?

In simple words, seawater desalination is a process in which water from the sea or ocean is passed through several filters to ensure it becomes drinkable. In most cases, the RO technology is also used alongside seawater desalination to ensure that the water becomes 100% contamination-free. 

How Does Seawater Desalination Work?

Seawater desalination is a simple and uncomplicated process in which seawater is filtered through multiple layers of charcoal and sand to remove suspended particles and microalgae. After this stage, the water only has salts left. Then, the water goes through the reverse osmosis process in which it is passed through a semi-permeable membrane with miniscule pores that filter out all impurities and trap the salt. The membranes are enclosed in cylinders that are usually arranged side by side to ensure that space is aptly utilized. After the RO process, the brine is disposed of properly, and minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium are added again to desalinated water to ensure that it becomes suitable for human consumption and applications. 

Benefits of Seawater Desalination Systems for Marine Applications

Marine seawater desalination systems use seawater desalination and reverse osmosis technologies to treat water from the sea or oceans into consumable water. The consumable water can be used for different purposes like drinking, bathing, taking showers, cleaning decks, food preparation, and exterior washdowns, among many others. These systems are good for ships, boats, yachts, cruises, and other water-based vessels. 

The US represents the world’s largest cruise sector. A lot of people in the US travel through cruise for recreational activities. As a result, the demand for seawater systems for marine applications is rising. Read on to know the key benefits of seawater desalination systems for marine applications. 

  • Cost Savings

The operational costs of seawater desalination on water vessels are decreasing with time. So, this water treatment method leads to huge cost savings. 

  • Energy Efficiency

Seawater desalination is more energy-efficient than many other water treatment technologies. It leads to lower power bills. 

  • Reuse Option

Another benefit of this water treatment technology is that it helps with water reuse and helps reduce wastage of water. 

  • Amazing Water Quality

The quality of water produced as an output from a seawater desalination system like SWRO by AMPAC USA is unbeatable. 

  • Safe for Everyone

The water treatment process is safe for everyone involved. It is not dangerous or hazardous to any living thing like water animals or mammals. 

  • Sustainability Assured

It is a sustainable option as the source of water is the ocean that has an abundant supply. It helps to preserve the limited freshwater sources for future generations. 

  • Easy Availability

The marine industry has access to pure water 24 by 7, 365 days a year. Long journeys lasting a couple of weeks or months don’t need to halt for sourcing pure water as water is always available. Buying one or more of such systems is also easy as you just need to trust the most renowned brands such as AMPAC USA. 

Sounds interesting? Know more about the seawater desalination technology and SWRO from AMPAC USA and fulfil your water needs effectively. We have many systems that are ready to be shipped and offer quality that meets even the stringent international standards. To know more, call AMPAC USA today!



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