Water Equity in California- What You Need to Know!

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Did you know that some people in California and across the West constantly struggle to get safe, reliable water that fits their budget? Are you aware that they often find it hard to get water for basic needs like drinking, cooking, and sanitation? Sadly, all this is true. Another sad truth is that people are sometimes left without water as wells often run dry during a drought. In those situations, they might not even have access to running water. 

Color is a Factor

It is also sad that communities of color are most often burdened with the water challenges and don’t get contamination-free water in abundance. 

Understanding Equitable Water Access

According to an estimate, about 1 million Californians living in economically stressed pockets of the state are facing challenges when it comes to obtaining clean and affordable water that is suitable enough to drink. They often find it hard to find pure water for sanitation or stormwater needs. 

Many of these Californians live in rural and isolated communities, and they depend on water wells that are drying up fast. They don’t have access to large water providers as city-living people do. Some Californians who face water issues live in impoverished urban areas, economically depressed areas, or even homeless encampments. They often have to depend on unsafe water sources. Some of them, who can afford it, depend heavily on bottled water. 

The Actions

The State government is trying to respond to the challenges faced by some communities by taking some crucial steps. One of the steps was the 2012 Human Right to Water Law. It declared that every person has the right to safe, affordable, clean, and accessible water as a matter of state policy. Even in 2020, the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund was initiated. It will fund drinking water solutions for disadvantaged communities that don’t have access to pure and clean water. 

AMPAC USA’s Promise

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