What are the Top Advantages of Forward Osmosis?

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Forward osmosis is an advanced technology that has been used in dewatering and concentrate. It is also used considerably to purify water and eliminate unwanted contaminants. This technology is considered superior to reverse osmosis because it doesn’t alter or damage the products. Instead, it preserves the bioactivity and sensory profile of the liquids it dewaters. Here you can know how it works and what are the top advantages of forward osmosis.

How Forward Osmosis Process Works?

During the Forward Osmosis process, the draw solution is diluted, and then it is regenerated for reuse within the system. The draw solution is engineered to be a high osmotic pressure mixture of simple sugars and salts. As the draw is clean and free of particulates or other contaminants, its regeneration can be done by low-energy membrane concentration processes.

In the last five years, Forward Osmosis technology has gained a lot of acceptance, and significant advances have been made toward improving the forward osmosis membranes, the entire equipment, and even the process design.

Due to these advancements, forward osmosis systems are now more affordable and applicable across many industries, homes, and commercial establishments.

What are the Top Advantages of Forward Osmosis?

Here’s a brief list of the top advantages of forward osmosis, making it so widely accepted today.

  • Color, Sensory Profile, and Nutrients Remain Unchanged

With forward osmosis, there is no osmotic pressure of the concentrate, so there is no change in the color of the liquid (browning it) or changing its sensory profile or nutrient content. Hence, in this way, FO is superior to reverse osmosis and thermal evaporation methods.

  • Low Cost and Energy Consumption

The process of dewatering via FO requires only a bit of energy. The energy is needed to circulate two liquids, the draw solution, and the feed solution. Even that consumes ten psi or less than that. The energy consumed is less than other methods like thermal concentration. Also, the forward osmosis process operating costs are low as FO has an intrinsically high tolerance for foulants.

FO membranes are less prone to plugging and fouling; hence, they require less pre-treatment. Plugging and fouling are less because FO operates without hydrostatic pressure, reducing complications. Also, FO is easy to deploy and quite affordable in small capacities. Even the footprint of FO equipment is smaller than evaporators.

  • More High-Quality Water Generation

Forward osmosis also produces a high purity water stream as a by-product. This water can be reused in many ways like for boiler feed makeup, washdowns, irrigation, cooling tower feed makeup, and even diluting other waste streams that exceed discharge limits. To know more about Forward Osmosis and to buy Forward Osmosis water treatment systems from AMPAC USA, click here.

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