World Health Day 2022- Important Things You Need to Know

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April 7th, 2022, will be celebrated as World Health Day. This year, the theme will revolve around – Our planet, our health. It will try to focus global attention on urgent actions that are essential to keep not just the humans but also the planet. The focus will also be on fostering a movement that creates societies focused on well-being.   

The Hard Facts

According to an estimate by WHO, over 13 million deaths occur each year across the globe due to avoidable environmental causes like the current climate crisis, which is now the biggest health threat facing humanity. In simple words, the climate crisis is also a health crisis that cannot be avoided or neglected anymore. 

How is Earth’s Health Linked to Yours?

  • It is a fact that over 90% of people breathe unhealthy air resulting from the burning of fossil fuels. 
  • Mosquitoes are spreading diseases faster than they ever did before.
  • Extreme weather events like water scarcity and land degradation are impacting people all over the world. 
  • Pollution and plastics have found a way into our food chain. 
  • The consumption of processed and unhealthy foods is so common that more and more people are getting overweight or obese, often attracting more health concerns. 
  • Serious health concerns like heart disease or cancer are also rising due to unhealthy living habits. 

How to Protect Planet Health?

An effortless way to protect your and your future generations’ health is to protect the health of this planet. Here’s what you can do as an individual to help:

  • Stay aware of climate change issues and spread the awareness in your circle. 
  • Vote for someone who pushes for eco-friendly ways of living. Your vote has all the power to make or break governments. 
  • Be smart about how you travel. Consider options like biking to work or using public transport instead of taking your own car. 
  • Eat foods and beverages whose production doesn’t harm the planet. Consider going vegan or largely eating plant-based foods. 
  • Learn to recycle and make the best out of waste. Ensure that you avoid wastage by buying stuff in low quantities (it will also help save money!).
  • Buy only eco-friendly products that don’t harm the planet. 

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